The Rise And Rise of Clementi

Clementi – One of the best places to live

It is commonly believed that the residential area in west-central Singapore known as Clementi was named after Sir Cecil Clement’ Smith. who served as Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1887 to 1893. However that is just the beginning of the rich Nstory of Clementi town. We take a look at how years of meticulous urban planning have made this area an ideal place to live, work, and play.

From swamps to bustling new town

Clementi has certainly cornea long way: The area where it borders West Coast Park used to be swampland. which was reclaimed in the 1970s to make way for the construction of the new town. The rest of the area now known as Clementi was made up of kampongs and small villages, backyard trades. cottage industries, and farms. Intact. before being officially named Clementi Road. the main thoroughfare leading to the estate was known as Reformatory Road for the boys’ home located along it. Just a stone’s throw away was Sussex Estate Oocated along today’s Clementi Avenue 1). a housing project developed in the mid-1950s to house senior servicemen; as well as Colombo Camp where military troops were stationed and trained up to the mid-1970s. To meet the growing needs of Singaporeans. the Housing Development Board (HDB) resettled some 800 residents from the area to start development on a self-sufficient township. Clementi New Town.

But when it comes to iconic Clementi landmarks back in the day. there’s no forgetting the stepped water fountain that was the mainstay of the town centre in the 19B0s. Ask anyone who grew up in Clementi in the ‘Ms and ‘905 and they will tell you about hanging out by the fountain after school while trading stories and sipping on cold drinks. The area has now been given a complete facelift with the bustling Clementi Mall complex and towering HOB flats – and even a new fountain – but memories of the original water feature remain in many residents’ hearts.

The modernisation and evolution of Clementi

As the years went by. new developments began to crop up all over the ageing estate. High-rise apartment buildings, both government-funded and privately-developed, replaced the low-rise flats in a bid to cope with the booming population and increased demand for housing. In fact, as of March 2015. the HOB residential population of Clementi was an estimated 72.500. To serve the influx of residents, the former bus interchange was transformed into an integrated complex with residential blocks. the above-mentioned shopping mall, and an MRT station that served residential, retail, and transportation needs.

Multiple educational facilities also sprang up in response to the needs of the residents. all the way from primary to tertiary level. With the National University of Singapore. SIM University. Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and Singapore Polytechnic situated within or around the Clementi estate, there’s no wonder the new town is constantly abuzz with youthful energy, diversity, and openness. Further fuelling the global character of the new town are the numerous international schools in the vicinity, such as Nexus Intemational School. Tanglin Trust School, as well as INSEAD and United World College of South East Asia.

Sports complexes such as a sports stadium and a community swimming pool were also built to meet the needs of current and future residents, as was the 12- hectare. wheelchair-accessible Clementi Woods Park, complete with a fitness corner. playground, and secondary f orest. Since 2007. the rich and diverse wildlife in the park means it has served as a ‘Learning Park’. an outdoor classroom and laboratory f or students at the nearby Ngee Ann Polytechnic, allowing students to broaden their learning first-hand.

Butthat’s not all Clementi has to offer. It’s just one MRT stop away from the cutting-edge one-north district where 150 top international companies like Shell and P&G are located. one-north is also home to international research and development centres Biopolis and Fusionopolis. And one MRT stop in the opposite direction is Jurong East – poised to become the second Central Business District – where the sprawling Jurong Gateway and NM malls are located, as well as Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. a 700-bed medical facility. What’s more. Clementi is just five to ten minutes’ drive from Holland Village. Rochester Park, Wessex Estate, and the spanking-new Mediapolis where Mediacorp. Lucasfilm Singapore. and Discovery Channel Asia are based.